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Committed to Caring for Young Athletes

At the Sports Medicine & Performance Center, your child will get the same great care the pros receive. Doctors who treat your young athlete’s injury are the same experts who work to keep the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals on top of their game.

Our resources are second to none. Because we partner with the city’s professional teams, we have the latest equipment and the most advanced and best treatments and procedures available. We’re also on the front lines of sports injury research. We study everything from concussions and head trauma to the high number of ACL injuries experienced by female athletes.

As part of our commitment to caring for young athletes, we also work with parents, coaches and athletic trainers throughout the area. We have a long history of providing educational programming on the behaviors that can lead to injury. Our presentations cover a range of topics including:

  • Injury prevention and safety
  • Growth-related issues
  • Sports nutrition
  • Heat and hydration
  • Mental health
  • Stretching and strengthening muscles
  • Balance training
  • Proper use of braces, tape and other devices while healing
  • Sports-specific physical therapy and modified training after an injury
  • Proper and regular use of safety equipment, such as helmets
  • Concussion prevention and management

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